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In particular, please let me know if you find any broken links.

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  1. Ross Cameron

    Is everything o.k. at your end, Marion? It`s been six weeks since I had my fix of Diamond`s wit and research. Hope you are well and just taking a well-earned break. Regards Ross Cameron

  2. Hi Marion
    Nev Buch put me onto your blog. The Brisy City Council’s Heritage Team supplied historians for the Open Day tours of the 1829 Moreton Bay Penal Settlement Windmill on Wickham Tce.
    Unfortunately, the new Anti-Bikie laws are a return to the dark past of the Joh Era. They are simply an attack on the Right to Freedom of Association. In the Courier Mail, two Saturdays ago, the Attorney-General identified trade union members, along with bikies and pedophiles as his targets. Does he view anyone who chooses to join a union in their workplace as a criminal??? As we learnt in the 1970s and 80s, giving the Qld Police too much power gives some cops the attitude that they can now operate outside of the law and target anyone they dislike. Already, “outlaw bikies” that have been harassed by the police include an innocent businessman trading from a long-gone Bikie premises, a TV fan wearing a ‘Sons of Anarchy’ t-shirt and the war vets of the Vietnam Veterans Motor Cyle Club, So here we go again!

  3. marilyn withers

    Thanks John and Marion. An update in which you may be interested: the inaugural Heather Radi recipient was selected last week. Chloe Russell at Walgett High, the school Adrian Piccoli nominated the ‘worst school in the state’ last year. I hope Chloe can rise to Heather’s exacting standards and change and improve her life through education (as Heather did). I applaud Chloe’s teacher and Principal and all others who supported and advocated for their students.

  4. I tried to add a long section to your post about SA Donaldson and Maria Leicester. It rejected my attempts to enter. I do not have a linked website which may be the problem. Is there any interest in this topic or shall I give up?? Rose Donaldson

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