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Vidal Sassoon – and the long and short of it

Vidal Sassoon died last week.  He was a hairdresser, in the same way that Mary Quant was a dressmaker or The Avengers was just another TV series.  He introduced short, sleek, edgy hairstyles to the celebrities of the Swinging Sixties – and my brush with his hairbrush is about as close as I ever got to Carnaby Street fashion.

According to his obituaries, Sassoon made most of his money from selling hair care products and by teaching his hair-cutting skills.  When I spent 6 months in London in the late 1970s, you could get a haircut at the Vidal Sassoon School of Hairdressing for £2 as a ‘model’ – on condition that you let the student do whatever s/he wanted.  A friend of mine ended up with purple hair.  I was luckier, a silent spectator as tutor and student riffled through my hair, drew a map of my scalp showing crown and parting, and then layer cut it to a point, so that it sat neatly or swung obediently.  They were the best haircuts I’ve ever had. Continue reading