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The Feathered Internet

It’s such a great story.  An English man was recently renovating his home, and when he cleaned out his disused fireplace, he found pigeon bones in the chimney.  This was not just any pigeon, but a pigeon On His Majesty’s Secret Service.  Attached to a leg was a capsule holding an encrypted message, sent during World War II.


Seventy years ago, this pigeon was released by Sergeant W. Stott, probably somewhere in France.  It flew across the English Channel, and made it as far as Bletchingley, Surrey, before it paused to rest on a chimney – and toppled in, perhaps overcome by smoke.  It could have been heading to General Montgomery’s headquarters nearby in Reigate, or to the code breakers at Bletchley Park, though that is much further away, north of London in Buckinghamshire.

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