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Poor Toulouse

Poor Toulouse.  It’s probably wrong to be more affected by a tragedy that happens in a place you know – but it’s human nature too.

I know Toulouse.  I lived there for a month 10 years ago, while my husband was working at the university, and fell in love with the city.  So the last few days of violence have felt very close, and very sad.  Angry young men exist everywhere, and no doubt what occurred in Toulouse could happen anywhere, but Toulouse has a long history of religious and ethnic violence – as well as a long history of culture and toleration.

Political map of Languedoc on the eve of the A...

Political map of Languedoc on the eve of the Albigensian Crusade, under the rule of the House of Toulouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the middle ages, the issue was heretics.  Continue reading