Flying Colours

For the first time ever, a female jockey has won the Melbourne Cup. The colours Michelle Payne and Prince of Penzance wore are randomly selected – but how’s this for serendipity?

suffragettes banner

Lavender, green, and white – the colours of the suffragette movement

From Sydney Morning Herald, 4 November 2015

From Sydney Morning Herald, 4 November 2015

6 responses to “Flying Colours

  1. Michael Powell

    Very observant of you Marion I hope you backed her at 100 to 1, so that you can really enjoy the Amazon in luxury Cheers Mike

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  2. And 100 years ago the first woman owner won the cup.

  3. The Australian suffragists used the same colours: “A striking figure on horseback, [Cecilia John] was dressed in white and carried a staff decorated in the purple, white and green colours of the WPA.” From a description of an anti-conscription march in Melbourne in 1916 (Sylvia Martin, Passionate Friends, 2001).

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