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Teredo – worms shall devour them

We’ve just heard officially that the Sandgate pier is going to be rebuilt, this time with concrete pilings, so I’m re blogging my post about the pier. As a historian, I’m not sure how I feel about a completely rebuilt object, but there’s probably no alternative. Details here.

Historians are Past Caring

Places matter to people.  In my suburb, one of our best-loved places is the Shorncliffe pier.  Throughout the day, it is a place for tai chi and joggers, crab pots and fishing.  In the early evening, it is full of friendly walkers, with or without dogs.  People sprinkle the ashes of those they love from its railings, or use it as a backdrop for wedding photos.  It was recently used in a UK television ad available on YouTube here.

They used to say that Sandgate is 12 miles from Brisbane – or 13 at low tide.  It is a long way out to deep water, so early settlers could not get their goods – or themselves – from ship to shore without wading.  As the community grew, in 1865 they made plans ‘for the construction of a PIER or LANDING STAGE at Sandgate’.  This pier opened to the public…

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