One Year On

I began this blog a year ago today.

26 January is a significant date in Australian history.  According to your perspective, it is Australia Day, the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet at Botany Bay, or Invasion Day, the date that began the dispossession of Australia’s Aboriginal people.

I didn’t choose 26 January for either of these reasons.  26 January is also the anniversary of the 1974 Australia Day flood, when Brisbane was flooded.  After that, we built a new dam and people said ‘it could never happen again’ – until last January, when it did.

I planned to start writing a blog when I retired, but last year’s flood provoked me into writing my first post – about the Brisbane floods of 1869, 1890, 1893, and 1931.

People forget.  I decided last January that my theme would be telling stories to entertain people who enjoy history, but also to remind people that – usually – things have happened in the past, and are likely to happen again. Possibly quite soon.

Mark Twain said that ‘history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme’.

In the last year I’ve learned a bit about blogging, though I’ll never be an expert. I’ve learned about arcane things like adding and naming images, and tagging my work. This time last year, I averaged fewer than 20 hits a day, whereas most days now, I get well over 100.

Those early posts were seen by almost nobody, but one of the great things about writing history is that most of them haven’t dated much.  So I plan to add a link to the appropriate posts from a year ago, spruced up if necessary with pictures and tags, but otherwise unchanged.  If you’ve already read them, you’ll probably ignore the link, but Floods and Memory is still relevant.

State Library of Queensland, Brisbane floods 1893

Queen St., Brisbane, January 1893

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