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More or Less: the Norwegian massacre and statistics

What happened in Norway last Friday is too awful for me to make any comment– except to wonder, what is it about the Knights Templar that attracts madmen and conspirators?  It’s easy to blame Dan Brown – but hardly his fault.  Hitler found the Teutonic Knights intriguing too, and it’s too easy to blame Wagner.

Chartres Cathedral west wall

Much more seriously, Anders Breivik was influenced by claims that Muslims would outbreed Christians in Europe, to become a majority of the population.  He called his manifesto ‘Knights Templar 2083’, 2083 being the year in which, according to these claims, the population of Europe will become predominantly Muslim.

The BBC produced an excellent rebuttal of these claims in their statistics program More or Less in 2009 – here.

A rational argument will have very little influence on those who are irrational – but for those who can be persuaded by sensible argument, please pass this on.